At AVnew, we see every challenge as an opportunity. Our sucess is driven by our desire to sustain quality, satisfaction, and innovation. Read our case studies and find out how we can help you overcome your next AVLA challenge.

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Regardless of how great your speaker system is, (or how great it can be), deploying it in a less-than-optimized environment will never do it justice. The single biggest offender to intelligibility is a bad acoustical environment. Whether it is a new facility or renovation, we take a hard look at the environment and design an optimized acoustical treatment plan that will ensure your message is clearly delivered.


Is your audio system so complicated that it needs its own guidebook? Are you flush with speakers but short on sound quality? The AVnew team will work with the most minute details of your system to fully understand your needs today while setting it up for future success as well. You’ll end with a design that is not only intuitive but also reliable and upgradable. Contact us to today to discuss your design ideas.

Presentation System

When it comes to quality presentation systems, brighter isn’t always better. To create a system that’s fully optimized, we take all of the elements of your environment into consideration. These include distance to the screen, the height of the room, the ambient light around the display area, your direct light (theatrical) source, the kind of content you desire, and other parameters unique to your situation so that we can determine the best possible solution.


When it comes to video quality, shoddy work can make the message get lost in transit. Our production team will work with you to better capture your message and deliver to your audience with optimal quality and clarity, so you never need to worry about muddying the message. Our production system designs are based on industry standards and high-quality equipment including cameras, video switches and routers, recorders streaming devices and much more.


A theatrical lighting system is one of the most effective tools to captivate your audience. Transform your center stage and immerse your audience during an electrifying worship concert, a dramatic play, or a heart felt message. Contact us and let us design an impactful lighting system that will wow and inspire your house of worship.

IT Solutions

Today’s world requires just about everything to run on an IT infrastructure. Technology is at the core of our service offering and we will work with you to provide maximum scalability to your AVL system, ensuring that it’s equipped to handle every challenge, big or small. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make it all come together under one comprehensive system that will benefit your facility.



discover / inspire / create / deliver / enlighten

Let’s take a deep dive into who you are. This is the time where we capture your DNA, find out what your dreams are and understand what drives you. All that info gets put into a crazy formula that only AVnew with our deep understanding and commitment to you can use to formulate the best solution.
The “Tech Brainstorm”. Well, not just tech. We will offer you with ideas for procedures, systems, content and technology that we are confident will improve your audience’s experience. Our exposure to hundreds of different projects gives us access to a large palette of tools we can use for your benefit.
Pencil to Paper time. (So to speak), “mouse clicking time” is more adequate. This is when we start taking what we learned about you (Discover) and what ideas you liked (Inspire) and turn into the best design for your facility. We focus on ease of use, longevity and future proofing.
Once your incredible design is finished, we start making it a reality. Installation and integration of your system will be done in the most professional manner adhering to the industry standards so you are guaranteed a stellar final product.
Well, no system is going to run itself. We will take the time to make sure all operators are properly trained and have access to other resources for continuing education in their area of expertise. We are founded on a teaching heart that believes a well educated operator will perform adequately and result in less support requests, making it for a smooth sailing facility operation.

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Our team is made up of the brightest (and occasionally funniest) tech nerds, engineers, and problem solvers. Every employee shares a passion for service through our work and we are ready help you.


Don Peterson

With invaluable industry experience in customer service and technical support, Don handles all the operations for AVnew, including scheduling, jobsite coordination, project management, and most importantly, the highly crucial task of reminding the rest of the team when it’s time for lunch.


Gil Parente

Gil considers coffee to be one of the most important food groups, followed closely by condensed milk. On most occasions, he manages AVnew sales and is the visionary responsible for system design and company procedures.


Javier Torres

Javier is our resident Lead Technician. He does everything from sales, design, installation, programming, training and more – all with the biggest smile in town! Extraordinaire? We believe so (sometimes superhuman)!


Chris Prieto

Chris takes care of all our internal and customers IT needs. In today’s world where EVERYTHING is connected, he brings a crucial skill set to make sure it all works together, which has the added benefit of keeping the rest of the team happy (at least for a little bit).

Inside Sales

Brendan McCarty

We call him “Byrd”