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Mosaic Church

In today’s technology driven world there are many requirements on a system to be interconnected and easy to operate. The AVnew team understood those requirements when Mosaic Church approached us asking for an incredibly complex system with many different technologies integrated into a single infrastructure.


Mosaic Church has always used their technology to the fullest, but with the a new and much larger building in the plans, the need for ease of control and scalability was greater than ever. How can we create an entire technology system that can be controlled from fewer, if not one, platform? How can we make it all part of one IT infrastructure and still address all the audio, video and lighting needs of the performance spaces? They asked.


The AVnew team got the message and started with the infrastructure design. The first decision was to design an IT infrastructure that was easy to manage and have all the features needed for Media over IP protocols. The system handles Qsys and Dante audio over IP protocols as well as Video over IP and sACN lighting control IP protocols. It was also required for the infrastructure to handle Security IP Cameras, Access control and a Building Lighting Management System. In comes Cisco Meraki, an enterprise level IT system with an extremely easy user interface making the management of all of these platform even easier.

One of the main requirements from the administration was that audio was at the top of their list and no compromises were to be made. Their desires were answered with a state of the art speaker system from d&b Audiotechnik using their new ArrayProcessing technology making sure that every seat in the sanctuary was getting the exact same sound signature. A total of 16 ULXD wireless microphones were deployed and every microphone can be used in any of the four performance venues using one a special zone combiner from RFVenue. At the helm in the Sanctuary is an SSL L200 audio console and signal is split to the broadcast and other consoles using the Dante protocol.

The lighting system is a complete non-dim system using only individually controlled LED fixtures, including full RGBW house lights from TheLightSource, LED ellipsoidal and moving fixtures from Elation Professional. Controls are done via Jands Vista. All 3 performance venues are outfitted with Pathway Connectivities Pathport DMX ethernet nodes and every venue has a total of three control options each. All three control options are set up in a priority scheme where if the console freezes or turns off, the building control system takes over automatically. A total of 18 DMX universes are being used in this project with some very intricate routing schemes.

At the center of the “Presentation” system is a 10’ x 30’ LED wall. Due to limitations of the building structure not any video wall product could be used. After extensive research, we decided to go for a carbon-fiber frame product that weight less than half of the conventional construction panels. It is driven by an AnalogWay NextStage video processor handling all the signal conversion and multiple window options.

At the center of it all is the Qsys control system. It handles all the audio routing to all the common areas such as lobby, hallways, bathrooms as well as all the video routing to all the display and full power on/off sequencing commands. All rooms are capable of being fully controlled by Qsys including audio, video and lighting and a specially designed global control page was designed so the technical director can control all rooms from one interface.

If you are curious about the many other factors of this project, please contact us and lets discuss in details how we were able to bring it all together for Mosaic Church.

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